Piano: Art and Performance Exhibition

Tinna was the curator of the art and performance exhibition ‘Piano’ at Reykjavik Arts Festival in the National Gallery of Iceland in 2014. Piano was an extensive exhibition containing works by various artists, a.o. composers, visual artists, dancers and more. The crown jewelry of the exhibition was the large-scale work ‘Cellar Duet’ (1980-89) by Dieter Roth and his children, which was kindly loaned by the Dieter Roth Foundation, Hamburg and Dieter Roth Estate, Basel. Works were exhibited by: Adalheidur S. Eysteinsdóttir, Björn Roth/Dieter Roth/Vera Roth, Einar Torfi Einarsson, Einar Roth/Oddur Roth/Björn Roth, Ingunn Fjóla Ingthórsdóttir, Jón Egill Bergthórsson/Sveinbjörn Gröndal, Margrét …


​Bylta is a live performance with sound and glassblowing, fueled by the purpose to reveal and celebrate the unstable endpoints of creativity that fuels both musical and visual art. Tinna and visual artist Alli Hoag form Bylta.


Tinna is one of the curators and founders of Peripheriberry (Icel. Jaðarber), a collective of experimental musicians, which has held and created many events from 2011 at Reykjavik Art Museum.

Granit Games

Tinna´s solo CD Granit Games was released in 2007 by Bad Taste Records (Smekkleysa). The CD contains Icelandic piano music from the Icelandic folksong to the laptop, most works were commissioned by Tinna and have been performed by her widely.


Tinna has premiered numerous solo compositions and performance works. A complete listing here: